GBA Macro Case and Resistor

Small update to the macro. I dremeled down the case, and did the first application of bondo. Pretty rough so far. But I hope it looks good. Right now I think I’m going to paint it grey.

The SMT resistors came as well, so I just replaced that resistor with a tiny one. So far so good!


Update 4/23/2015

Sanded and ready to paint. I should finish this very soon. I’m not sure if I should drill the speaker holes before or after painting. Guess I’ll figure that one out.


I then found the most high tech way to drill evenly spaced speaker holes


Update 4/25



  1. Man, I would love to get my hands on one of these. If you’re not planning on selling some, I’ll be forced to make my own.

  2. Found this on Kotaku.
    I also have a broken ds lying around here, gonna try to do it to, only thing i miss is solder tin 🙁
    idk if you read this, but how did you find the speaker connection by using a multimeter?

    1. The DS Lite has a ribbon cable going to the top screen where the speakers also are connected to. So it was just a matter of probing those connections and finding them on the board!

      1. ow lol that sounds easier then i expected 😀
        ty, gonna try to make the macro to.
        worst case scenario: i got a few new scrap leds+speakers for other projects.

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