Chinese Vewlix Clone!

My Chinese Vewlix (Chewlix?) cabinets came today. This is a relatively short post text-wise, but I have a video on some of the fixes I’ve done so far!



Here’s quick video on some of the fixes I’ve done:



  1. Really cool looking cabinets. I’ve been looking in to either building a Vewlix clone myself or buying one, where did you buy yours from? And do you think it was worth it now that you’ve had them for a while.

  2. Thanks for the video. I also picked up a chewlix last week and some of these tips came in really handy. I would also suggest replacing the fans on the back with quieter ones as they can also be kinda noisy.

  3. Hope it’s ok to comment on something this old, I’m debating getting a chewlix. The stock I’d get is wired for chamma with the kick buttons on the jamma harness. I’m curious how easily that might convert to regular jamma or jvs. What might be required to do that?

    Secondly, how easy is it to rotate the monitor in one of these?

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