I wrote one of these things last year simply because it was a fun little way to kill time. I figure I might as well do it again this year. As will last year I doubt many people will read this, though I do have a bit of increased traffic from the Game Boy Macro stuff so maybe a few people will see this and find it interesting!

To preface, I’m primarily a PC gamer, so pretty much all of these games you can assume I played on PC, and one game on the list is technically a 2015 game since that’s when it was released for PC! Anyways, I’ll stop wasting your time. Here’s the list:



Favorite Old Game – The Walking Dead: Season 1


I did this last year as well. I don’t have a ton of time for games, so I play a lot of games from previous years. I put this game off for a while but finally decided to tackle it early 2015 (literally started playing it on January 1). After episode 1 I was hooked. I practically played non-stop throughout the story and even the 400 Days expansion trying every option that felt meaningful. If it weren’t for this series I may not have ever tried Life is Strange. The Walking Dead really opened my eyes to these Telltale style point and click adventures. I am certainly hoping for more.


Runner Up – South Park: The Stick of Truth

I don’t really have a ton to say about this game other than it was an incredibly fun RPG, especially for someone who doesn’t typically like turn based RPGs. The art style was incredible and felt exactly like I was watching the show. It’s a great game that easily would have been my favorite had I played The Walking Dead one day earlier.

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