Fight Stick DB15 Connector

Jasen went ahead and made me a slightly different version of his ps360+ DB15 daughter board that can pass buttons k4 and p4 through specifically for padhacks. This came up when I told him it’d be really cool to use that thing for padhacks instead of superguns, since I don’t have a supergun, and likely won’t really use one. It was a relatively simple change, but since the db15 connector only has 15 pins, he ended up using shield for ground. Anyways, heres what I have:

It’s pretty simple, it just plugs into the 20pin expansion harness on the PS360+ and lets you use the inputs. So I installed this into my sticks, and took the xbone pad out of my yellow panzer, putting it into an enclosure. This follows the same idea as my ps4 enclosure where it just maps all of the buttons to the male db15 port. And viola:

So yeah, you see it works just fine, which I’m happy with. But what about compatibility with the Supergun or NeoGeo? The pinout is pretty similar:



Well, if you look at that, you can see you’d pretty much just have to cross the GND from the shield to pin 1. Everything else can remain, the home button will just become the credit button, no big deal. To do this, I took a crack at EAGLE PCB, with Jasen’s help to learn it, and made this:

It is just a simple crossover adapter that crosses the ground over to pin 1. Very simple for my first PCB, and I’m excited to build others now.






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