Macro Update


I’m not taking any more orders for a while. Keep an eye on the site (, I’ll update it as I progress, as well as the facebook page. Orders will open again once I’ve progressed through the queue a bit.

I don’t know if anyone comes back here for anything other than macro, but I’ll probably be using the macro site for the macro related news, and keep this ┬ásite for all of my personal projects.


I have made some progress in the design, including:

  • Micro USB Charging (will be an extra fee though)
  • LED Diffuser
  • Properly contoured top, as opposed to the current macro.

Here are some pics:


  1. Hi there,
    I’m very interested in buying a GBA MACRO. What will the price be? Do you ship to Germany?

  2. I am definitely interested in a gameboy macro if that is something you are still doing. Let me know of any details that you have about it.

  3. What case size is needed for SMT? I am trying to judge the size from the picture, but I dont have anything for scale.

  4. Hey, I’m going to attempt this mod myself over the weekend, I’m just wondering how you moved the GBA cart slot up so that it doesn’t stick out the bottom and still have everything fit in the case.

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