Sega Nomad Rechargable Battery and LCD Replacement

A few months ago I received a free Sega Nomad from a friend. It has more or less been sitting in a closet with all of my other Sega games, mostly unused. The issue with the Nomad was that the battery compartment was missing, so realistically this thing was unusable. I finally decided to tear it apart and integrate some rechargeable batteries for it. This was mostly done with parts I had lying around.  So what I used for this was:

  • Two knock-off Chinese DS Lite batteries (I have a ton of these from macro work)
  • A spare 7.4v charging circuit
  • Spare 7.4v smart battery charger.

This is less of a tutorial post and more of an image dump. As of right now, the battery portion of the mod is complete, but the LCD portion is not. The LCD had some syncing issues with the Nomad, so I ordered another one. I will post a much more in-depth and tutorialized post once that is all finished. But for now, here are all of the images of the mini project.




  1. I would like make a internal battery recharge but my knowledge about is a shit. Please could you give more info how i can do that? I already find the ds lite battery and Li-ion Battery PCM BMS 7.4V but smart battery charger yet not. Thanks in advance.

    1. I believe they are 2000mah each, though they’re chinese batteries, so I’m not sure how much I believe that. I get around 4 hours out of it :P. I really need to update the post since I have a working screen now.

      1. What LCD did you end up using? I’m now on my 3rd one, all of which had different flickering, shaking, or rolling image issues. Finding a working LCD is definitely the hardest part of this mod. Thanks in advance.

        1. Hey Luke,

          WP was marking a ton of my stuff to spam for some reason so I never saw this. I never finished the mod but was actually planning on doing it this weekend. I’ll update with a new post assuming the new screen worked well!

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