GBA Macro Case and Resistor

Small update to the macro. I dremeled down the case, and did the first application of bondo. Pretty rough so far. But I hope it looks good. Right now I think I’m going to paint it grey.

The SMT resistors came as well, so I just replaced that resistor with a tiny one. So far so good!


Update 4/23/2015

Sanded and ready to paint. I should finish this very soon. I’m not sure if I should drill the speaker holes before or after painting. Guess I’ll figure that one out.


I then found the most high tech way to drill evenly spaced speaker holes


Update 4/25



  1. Man, I would love to get my hands on one of these. If you’re not planning on selling some, I’ll be forced to make my own.

  2. Found this on Kotaku.
    I also have a broken ds lying around here, gonna try to do it to, only thing i miss is solder tin 🙁
    idk if you read this, but how did you find the speaker connection by using a multimeter?

    1. The DS Lite has a ribbon cable going to the top screen where the speakers also are connected to. So it was just a matter of probing those connections and finding them on the board!

      1. ow lol that sounds easier then i expected 😀
        ty, gonna try to make the macro to.
        worst case scenario: i got a few new scrap leds+speakers for other projects.

  3. Hi there! This is such an awesome idea and I’d love to try it out. What kind of Bondo did you use to finish the case? I see there are several different kinds. Thanks so much and thanks for making such an awesome tutorial!

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