New Stick!

Right before going to GXL (and I mean immediately before) I finished building a new stick! While at Jasen’s I had picked up a new Panzer body. This stick I had decided to padhack an xbone PCB and go with Seimitsu buttons and a Seimitsu joystick.


Bare Pad

Padhacking the Xbone was surprisingly easy. I had heard things about how difficult it is to solder to the triggers, they’re just two tiny resistors on the back. I managed to hit them with no issues, and everything tested just fine. Internals are a Seimitsu LS 56, IMP V2 for switching between xbone and ps360, and a DB15 connector for NeoGeo and supergun compatibility.

One big issue was the switching. I had to follow a wiring diagram I found on Shoryuken, in this post

It took a bit of time, but here’s how it turned out!





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