To clean a cabinet…

Well, it’s time to start cleaning the Blast City. I decided to start with some of the simple things. The rear marquee, monitor, power supply, bezel, and IO board. Ironically the Monitor and PSU are typically the dirtiest parts of any cabinet.

The monitor was a pain in the ass to get it. 29 inch crt = very heavy. I managed to get it out, discharge it, and only contract 5 or 6 diseases. This thing was filthy. See below…


IMG_20141005_141926Yeah, not very clean. The rest of the hardware had a similar story. We’ll move onto the cleaning though. Typically I just use simple green and an assortment of brushes. Paint brushes for the aquadag on the monitor, then a standard scrubbing brush for everywhere else, and a paint brush on any boards. So I just hose everything down, let Simple Green sit, then get to scrubbing. Repeat. Lets get started.

Continue this way for a while, taking apart the power supply and doing the same..

Then we get to the end, where everything looks nearly new!

Unfortunately I did notice the bezel has a cigarette burn and a scratch on it. So I’ll need to sand it down and use some filler, then repaint it. The IO Board showed in the album above was cleaned in a sink.

Next stop, cleaning the cabinet itself..



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