The CMVS – Part One

You may or may not know that I LOVE SNK and NeoGeo. There’s something strange about SNK games, some incredible charm they have and I just love it. Maybe it’s the broken English, the weird gameplay, the beautiful visuals, or just everything. But something about them I really get into. Anyways, I’ve wanted a NeoGeo AES for a very long time, I just can’t bring myself to buy one. Then it occurred to me, why should I buy an AES when the MVS games are cheaper and more abundant? I should just build a consolized MVS! Well, I’m in luck since I have an extra MV1FZ board! While it isn’t the MV1C, it is still a one slot board and should do what I want it to do! I’m sure eventually I’ll buy an AES and an Omega though. The parts I’ve chosen are as follows:

That’s it! This is actually a very simple project. My plan is to mimic the AES video out so I can use an AES SCART cable.

XanXi of JammaNation also has a very useful diagram available for wiring up stereo, which can be found on his site. This saves me a lot of time figuring out where to grab stereo from :P.

I’ve already done the basics of cleaning out the board, putting unibios on it, and doing a button cell battery mod, I’ll cover the technicalities in the next post. This is purely planning. So below is my planned layout (and a quicky guide of the parts)



That’s it for now! Hopefully I have this all cut out tomorrow and I finish up some Macro cases, then I can work on the hardware aspects on Monday night 😀


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