Cases cases cases

I’ve realized, after getting this thing booting off of batteries, there really isn’t much I can do with it until I get the case situation sorted out. I need to get some stuff mounted before I can start putting in the controls and finally using the DB15 connector (what could that be for?!). I came across this toy, Datamax KidzDelight. It’s large without being too large and cheap. Unfortunately they’re very rare to find, and common for this project. But fortunately for me there was one on ebay the moment I was looking so I bought it immediately. $12.

Enter the Datamax Kidz Delight….

The plan is to do the following:

So, let us begin. I first chopped down the ps one screen, then cut a large enough slot for the screen in the DataMax

Well, it looks good to me. Lets start gluing this thing in. Yes, this thing will look like a huge mess, but hey, I’m gonna sand it and fill it, and sand it some more….Then cut it up some more, but the case as it stands looks pretty damn good
 IMG_20140930_132940 (2)
As an added bonus, I did manage to get the analog stick working on the superpad. I’m thinking about using a ps2 analog and using left click for pause. Not entirely sure yet. I’ll go into detail on that as this whole project proceeds. As of now I’ve caught up, so I’ll post more when I have more.


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