I might as well continue this portable…

So now that I’ve found the n64 again, where do I start off? It’s been four years, I remember fuck all about this thing, back to ModRetro I go…

After re-reading all of these schematics and fun stuff, I decided I knew what I needed to do to finish this thing, and ordered everything I need!

  • PS2 Analog Stick
  • Gamecube Controller
  • Another N64 Controller. This controller has a far better shell suitable for making a case out of. Though the board likely wouldn’t work.
  • More TI Power Regulators
  • Prototyping Boards for mounting the buttons
  • Hobby Box
  • DB15 Connectors (We’ll touch on that later)
  • Push-buttons
  • BM LP-E6 batteries
Anyways. I finally got around to wiring up the power regulator, which ended up looking a bit like this:
Certainly not the best looking thing in the world, but hey, it works just fine. I now successfully have the N64 booting off of some Canon Camera batteries, and after testing it lasts for two hours on a full charge. Not bad, but we’ll see if I can fit more firepower into the case.
That’s all for now..

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